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Quality Maintenance service

Robert Young and Son, Inc., in Tuxedo Park, NY, recognize that all things, over time, exhibit wear and tear. To prevent property damage or unnecessary accidents, we perform comprehensive inspections and repairs.
Cracks in the pavement are corrected with a hot liquid sealant. Treatments are usually applied annually or semi annually when applied to your property. This is important to:
  • Prevent water intrusion and causing further structure damage.
  • Prevent materials such as oil, gas, salt from entering.
  • Prevent further corrosion from temperature changes.
Our paving service begins every job with a thorough site inspection. This allows us to become familiar with the conditions of your property. It also ensures that our professional staff have the knowledge and resources they need to ensure your job is done correctly and on schedule at the best possible price.

Request an estimate from Robert Young & Sons, Inc. and let our asphalt company complete your next paving job.